Welcome Back!

In this post I will be showing the Robot navigating the course with its cardboard basket attached.


In order to complete the final submission I must successfully record the robot navigating the course and collecting the pingpong ball before it returns back to the starting point.

The final video will be uploaded later this evening.

Stay tuned,

Ruth x

Welcome back Everyone!

Today is the final day of my Robot Project and I would like to share my Ping Pong Ball Launcher design.

On the left is my final design for the ball launcher. It is relatively accurate and can successfully launch the pingpong balls into the basket I have attached to the Robot. The zip tie connecting the bungee string and the bull clip builds up the potential energy and once the clip is opened it is converted to kinetic energy, launching the ball up to 120cm into the basket.

Design Demonstration:


Target Practice Video :


Stay tuned for more,

Ruth x

Hello Everyone!

Rube Goldberg Machine

On a slightly un-Robot-related note, I would like to briefly talk about another part of my Design II module this semester. We have been tasked with designing a Rube Goldberg Machine. If you are unfamiliar with Rube Goldberg, he was a famous American Cartoonist. However, a Rube Goldberg Machine is a machine that performs a task as a result of a chain reaction. For example, in the image above, once the man lifts his spoon to have some soup, the napkin is triggered to wipe his face. These machines can range in complexity, as well as with what type of final task is performed.

As part of the brief my Rube Goldberg Machine must involve my robot. I am excited to share my machine once my plans and designs come together.

Stay Tuned!

Ruth x

Hey Everyone!

In this post, I will be sharing the set up process of my obstacle course. There have been a few small changes in the a, b and c dimensions in the schematic shown, but, the main layout still stays the same.

I have chosen to replicate this course using cardboard boxes. It was necessary to put down some cardboard in order for the robots wheels to move smoothly as I have a carpeted floor.

The Robot Assembly Kits have arrived! I will be collecting my kit this Monday and will begin the assembly process and obstacle course navigation practice once it has been assembled. This means a lot more hands on content is coming your way!

Stay tuned!

Ruth x