Welcome back!

Over the last few weeks I have been slowly making progress completing the Solidworks drawings and assembly for my balancing robot project. As my experience with Solidworks is relatively brief, there were a few unavoidable mishaps along the way with scaling and the intricacies of the Arduino board housed on the robot. But, finally, I would like to introduce you all to ELIE!

ELIE is a CAD model based off the dimensions of the Elegoo Self-Balancing Robot Kit. As you can see from the pictures her favourite colour is pink and she has big blue eyes. I decided to render the robot in pink to stand out from the boring blues and greys that the model is normally rendered in.

The next step in ELIE’s journey is for her to be fitted with a balancing mechanism and ping pong ball catching basket of some sort. The end goal of this project is for the robot to be able to navigate its way through a small obstacle course, approximately 1m (wide) by 2.5m (long), whilst staying upright. During this obstacle course ELIE must be able to catch a number of ping pong balls launched in her direction, before returning back to the starting point.

Stay tuned for updates on ELIE’s progress, coming soon!

Ruth x