Hello Everyone !

Now that you have all seen ELIE the Robot, the next task in my Engineering Design II module is to design a stabilising mechanism to allow the robot to navigate a small obstacle course without replying on its active balancing capabilities the whole time. It is suggested that the mechanical balancing mechanism is attached to the front of ELIE, connecting to the clear plastic L shaped bracket.

I am currently in the process of perfecting the design of the additional stabiliser on Solidworks. Shown are rough plans of what the attachment drawn up on Solidworks. I have decided to design a wide third wheel that can be fastened to the clear front bracket. The reason for the width of the wheel is to increase stability and reduce the risk of tipping over. The attachment can be counterweighted to give an overall more equal load, depending on the weight of the battery pack. The exact mass and location of the counterbalance will be determined once I receive the robot kit.

As this is only a preliminary mock up of the stabilizer, the mobility of the wide wheel in the image will most likely reduce the agility of the robot when navigating corners or bends in the upcoming obstacle course. Over the next few days I will explore the possibility of adding a castor style wheel. Although, with this castor, I do plan on trying to ensure the wheel is still noticeably wide as this will be key to the stability of the robot.

Once the final iteration as been modelled, I hope to be able to 3D print the part and assemble it with the self balancing robot kit once it has arrived.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Ruth x